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More Savings

Most bagged ice sold for resale has a delivered cost of $0.90 to $1.60 per bag. Our machines always make ice for only a few cents a bag. Our cost of providing you bagged ice is only 15 cents per bag including 10 cents for the plastic bag. Electricity, water, and replacement pure water filters add another 5 cents to your total cost.

Green Technology

As fuel costs and ice delivery costs continue to rise our ice machines help to reduce carbon emissions and reduce traffic congestion. Our ice makers are also some of the most energy efficient you will find anywhere. Help protect the environment and switch from delivered bagged ice to Quick Ice USA today.

More Flexibility

Our ice machines are compact with a small foot print and loaded with all the bells and whistles anyone could want. They operate inside or outside bringing more convenience to your customers and much bigger profits to you. Available with or without pure water vending.

Remote Monitoring

Quick Ice USA ice vending machines offer a remote monitoring system accessible from your cell phone alerting you if your machine runs out of bags, current sales, or even if one of the two coin slots is jammed. Manage up to 50 machines at once from your cell phone as well as desktop computer.

Bigger Profits

Quick Ice USA ice vending machines provide fresh ice fast by eliminating the delivery time and high cost of delivered ice. The typical big profits paid to commercial ice producers are now paid directly to you plus receive the added benefit of 24/7 sales of packaged ice and water vending.

More Options

Quick Ice USA ice vending machines are available with many options to best fit your needs. Ice production from 65 lbs to 1800 lbs a day with a variety of bagging options. Only the 400 Series is available pre-shipped with built-in pure water vending sales; but all of our ice vending machines can be equipped with commercial RO equipment to handle even the highest daily volume pure water sales. Ask us how.

More Security

Quick Ice USA ice vending machines can stop ice theft from hotel ice machines and stop theft from ice storage lockers located in front of convenience stores where customers can pay for one bag of ice but easily walk away with two or three. Our ice vending machines have triple locks to help prevent theft when your operations are unattended outside 24/7 and the money bin lock is keyed differently than the other service access panels.