Frequently Asked Questions

How come your ice vending machines are so much less expensive than those sold by others?

The market potential for ice vending machines is huge because there is so much ice being inefficiently delivered by truck for resale everywhere in every city within the U.S. market. High capacity ice vending machines have typically sold for upwards of $100,000. We believe our low pricing will help break market barriers and change ice sales forever; and whatever was lost by keeping our prices so low will be more than offset by capturing more of the available market with dramatically higher sales volume. We don’t want you to buy just one ice vending machine from us; we want you coming back to us for your 2nd and 3rd (and 100th) machine once you discover you can’t afford not to. The other important factors besides low-price is our quality, reliability, and ease of maintenance. We are proud of our modular designs and use of standard U.S. ice-maker parts that make any unlikely repair infrequent and very affordable.

Should I be concerned that the water quality in my area is very poor?

Our ice vending machines use highly purified water to make their ice. Our high performance Reverse Osmosis RO technology provides water quality very close to the purity level of steam distillation combined with charcoal filtering (the purest possible water) regardless of your raw unconditioned water quality. If you are still worried or in doubt because of know health hazards related to your local water supply please check with your water service provider to assure they have no concerns their water is completely safe for consumption after RO treatment. There are very few known contaminants that are not completely removed but the RO process.

Can I place my QuickIce USA machine outside?

Hotelmate is designed for inside use only. Our QI 400 Series and QI 1800 Series can be installed inside or outside. Locating your ice vending machines outside for 24/7 sales is one of the best ways to maximize your potential profits. Located outside your QI will attract more customers for around-the-clock ice sales. It’s smart to provide some overhead cover for your ice vending machines to keep those buying your ice out of any inclement weather. In cold climates simply place a small thermostatically controlled electric heater inside your ice machine to provide any necessary freeze protection.

How much more ice can I expect to sell by locating my new ice vending machine outside?

There are many factors that can effect how much more ice you’ll sell by locating your new ice vending machine outside. If you already sell bagged ice and are currently not open 24/7 you will of course sell more ice by locating your new QI machine outside for around-the-clock sales. How much additional sales will depend on your surrounding off-hour traffic conditions and how many hours a day your store is closed. You can also expect to sell more ice during normal daylight business hours if your outside location is highly visibility to local traffic. Not only will your new ice vending machine provide free outdoor advertising to attract new ice sales during daylight hours but some buyers will visit your QI if they know they don’t have to take time to go inside to wait in line to buy ice. Talk to us about printing a coupon on your ice bags to get customers to come back at a later date do more shopping inside your store. The 17” video monitor on your QI can also advertise limited time in-store specials and promotions to get those buying ice outside to take extra time to come inside to buy additional items.

New to 24/7 ice sales? If you already sell ice, set the “daily bags sold” slide-bar on our Profit Estimator to reflect your current ice sales now. Also select the bag size and price you plan to sell your QI ice. Notice how your annual profit changes as you change the bags sold per day to reflect increased daytime and night time ice sales. If you have a lot of night-time activity in the vicinity of your store when your business is normally closed (and depending how many hours per day you business is closed) it’s possible to increase ice sales 10% to 100% over existing sales. And the free outside advertising provided by your QI machine can also increase your normal daytime ice sales by yet another 10% to 20%. The Profit Estimator is a quick way to see the value of additional incremental daytime and night time ice sales. Play around with Profit Estimator with reasonable increases in ice sales from 24/7 operation to see the annual benefit of switching from delivered ice to QI ice today.

Most of my ice sales take place within a few hours during the day. How much ice can your ice machine provide?

Excellent question because there is a difference between a machine’s total 24 hour ice production and the maximum amount of ice that can be dispensed all at once. Peak ice sales are limited by the ice storage bin size inside the unit. The QI 400 Series has a bin storage size of 120 lb. (when the storage bin is full there are 12 to 24 bags of ice ready for immediate sales (depending on bag sizes sold 5 lb. to 10 lb. bags) and a maximum 24 hour production of 400 lb. of ice (with a recovery rate of 16 lb. per hour). The QI 1800 Series has a bin storage size of 550 lb. (when the storage bin is full there are 27 to 110 bags of ice ready for immediate sales (depending on bag sizes sold 5 lb. to 20 lb. bags) and a maximum 24 hour production of 1800 lb. of ice (with a recovery rate of 75 lb. per hour).

Use our Profit Estimator to help select the right QI Model for your specific application; and feel free to call our customer service line if you need any help. If you’ve selected the right QI Model and you run out of ice you’ve just made a lot of money! Your ice machine will continue to return coins and bills until the internal ice storage bin again has enough ice to resume ice sales.

Is it hard to operate or install a QuickIceUSA machine?

If you’re not handy (and you don’t have a friend who is handy) it’s best to hire a plumber to make the simple water supply and drain connections. Usually it’s not difficult to provide the required electrical connection but hire an electrician to do this for you if you’re in doubt about doing it yourself. Once installed your machine comes with an operator’s manual that explains your unit’s basic operation including initial set up and procedures for simple maintenance and filter replacements.

Does my machine come with a warranty?

All QuickIceUSA Models are delivered with a 1-year parts warranty. In the unlikely event any part of these robust machines malfunctions we will send you a replacement part without delay. Beyond the warranty period, QuickIceUSA will continue to supply you with at-cost replacement parts, bags and filters. Since many of our ice machine owners have multiple locations for ice sales we want to you maximize your profits and eventually buy many more ice machines from us.

What if my QuickIceUSA machine requires a repair I am unable to do myself?

QuickIceUSA machines are built with industry-leading quality and our customers will experience few, if any, malfunctions. Additionally, our machines have been engineered for easy maintenance by most owners. In the unlikely event that something happens that you cannot fix yourself, QuickIceUSA has partnerships in place with vending machine repair specialists across the country and will be able to refer you to the right technician at a preferred rate.

Are QuickIceUSA machines ENERGY STAR approved?

Our machines meet and exceed all the criteria required for ENERGY STAR approval and we are in the registration process right now.

How does remote monitoring work?

Simply purchase a SIM card or subscribe to a service that provides one and install it inside your ice machine in the same way you would install in your cell phone. Then your vending machine will instantly broadcast text messages to your cell phone to notify you about sales and maintenance issues. You can also load your cell phone or desktop computer with machine management software we provide free with every order. Call us to learn more.