QuickIceUSA machines are equipped with the latest technology.
Not only are our ice vending machines the most affordable you’ll find anywhere; they are also designed around the latest mechanical, refrigeration, electronic and cloud based technologies. Our designs our problem free and flexible so you can focus on selling ice and increasing profits and not delayed by costly repairs and down-time from equipment malfunctions and problems. Our machines are easy to maintain and use and any unlikely ice maker repairs use only standard replacement parts commonly found anywhere in the U.S.


Energy efficient.
Modular design, easy maintenance. Refrigerator R404A environmental protection. Energy efficient.


Reverse Osmosis Equipment
Reverse osmosis system membrane pump and filters.


SIM card plate
Plate to place sim card for sending data remotely. The machine can be controlled from your mobile.


Ice Bagging Options
200 bags per roll for semi-sutomatic bagging (SAB shown in picture). For less expensive non-roll bags our new manual bagging  (MB) units keep bags securely locked behind the ice loading door until money is deposited in the machine to buy ice.